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Despite its small area, Osaka Prefecture is Japan's second smallest prefecture of the 47 sub-national jurisdictions. Its population is approximately 8.8 million, or 7% of the national population, second only to the Tokyo Metropolis.

Osaka was once called the "Kitchen of Japan".  The region served a leading role in Japanese history as a center of economic prosperity and transportation of goods.  The city is the center of western Japan and has played a vital role in the history of Japan’s industrial revolution.

Osaka is renowned for its unique, highly developed culture as well as for being a gourmet heaven.

"Eat 'till you drop!"  Osaka features specialty dishes such as okonomiyaki (a pancake with a variety of ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables, usually cooked on a hot plate) and takoyaki (fried dumplings made of flour, with pieces of boiled octopus inside), as well as cuisine from around the world.

Tourists may enjoy a variety of sights. The Hollywood theme park, Universal Studios Japan, is one of the attractions. With a distinctly laid-back and warm culture, Osaka is clearly a popular tourist destination.

The city is also home to numerous world-class sports facilities that host international competitions including the FIFA World Cup soccer competition in 2002.

The Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium hosted the 1998 and 2006 Volleyball World Championships and the 1999 Volleyball World Cup,

Facilities Information
Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium
Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium

Built with "harmony with nature" as its concept, the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium resembles two green hills from the trees that are planted on its rooftops.

The structure is also one of the very few multi-purpose facilities worldwide that is built completely underground.

The Gymnasium serves as Osaka City's core entertainment venue.  It can accommodate a variety of different events and is not limited to sports.

Its seating capacity is 8,200.

3-1-40. Tanaka, Minato-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
By subway- Get off at Asashiobashi Station on Chuo line.
3 minutes walk from the station 2nd Exit toward West.