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About The Championship

The World Championship is the very first world competition created by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), the international governing body for the sport of volleyball. The FIVB World Championships are held once every four years to determine the world’s top volleyball team.

The Volleyball World Championships of men's and women's are the oldest and most prestigious international indoor volleyball competition and involve teams from more than one continent.
The men's inaugural championship was played in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1949 while the first women's championship was held in Moscow in 1952.

The Volleyball World Championships boast tradition and prestige on a par with the World Cup of soccer.
In 2006, Japan successfully hosted both the men’s and women’s FIVB Volleyball World Championship games. Japan hosted the FIVB Women’s Championships four times, of which the most recent two editions were held in successive years.
To participate in the 2010 Championships, 96 teams competed in the continental qualifying rounds, as compared to 77 in the previous edition, and 22 teams qualified. Of these, defending champion Russia and the host Japan will vie to become the world’s top team.

The FIVB World Championships, which are rich in history and tradition, surpass the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup from the perspective of rank and scale. The World Championships are surely the competition to determine the true international volleyball champion.

FIVB Women's World Championship

Year Host City 1st 2nd 3rd
1952 Moscow (URS) flagURS flagPOL flagTCH
1956 Paris (FRA) flagURS flagROM flagPOL
1960 Rio de Janeiro (BRA) flagURS flagJPN flagTCH
1962 Moscow (URS) flagJPN flagURS flagPOL
1967 Tokyo (JPN) flagJPN flagUSA flagKOR
1970 Varna (BUL) flagURS flagJPN flagPRK
1974 Guadalajara (MEX) flagJPN flagURS flagKOR
1978 Leningrad (URS) flagCUB flagJPN flagURS
1982 Lima (PER) flagCHN flagPER flagUSA
1986 Prague (CZE) flagCHN flagCUB flagPER
1990 Beijing (CHN) flagURS flagCHN flagUSA
1994 São Paulo (BRA) flagCUB flagBRA flagRUS
1998 Osaka (JPN) flagCUB flagCHN flagRUS
2002 Berlin (GER) flagITA flagUSA flagRUS
2006 Osaka (JPN) flagRUS flagBRA flagSCG