About The Event

Logo & mascot

Official Logo Name and Concept


The six dynamic, outer wings represent the SIX PLAYERS of Volleyball The three powerful, central wings represent the THREE ELEMENTS of Volleyball -PHYSICAL / TACTICAL / MENTAL

The nine wings converge to form the shape of a Volleyball, representing the exciting and moving image of volleyball players putting their spirit and energy into Volleyball in the ultimate aim for Victory.

Val! is an abbreviation for valor - meaning "value, worth," from the Latin valere "be worth, be strong."
The meaning "courage," first recorded 1581.

Val! represents the spirit, the courage, strength, nobleness and good health of the players aiming for victory.
The "V" also represents "Volleyball" and "Victory."

Official Mascot

Two official mascots will help promote the 2010 Women's volleyball championship. There are two official mascots - "Boonus" and "VolleyBoo"

Boonus is the goddess of victory for the FIVB Women's Volleyball World Championship 2010 Japan. Her blessings will be a bonus to ensure the success of the 2010 Championship.
VolleyBoo cheers for the Japanese team. This year is no-exception.