Participating Teams

Brazil team interview


Q: What is your team’s strength?
We have an advantage in terms of experience. We have many experienced players.
Q: How is the condition of your team?
The team is in a continuous process of physical and technical evolution. The world championship is a very hard tournament and we have to get there in our best conditions.
Q: What aspects of the game do you need to improve in particular before the World Championship?
We have been working hard on the defensive system.
Q: What is your team’s target in this year’s World Championship?
We focus on wining the title of the world championship in Japan. We already selected some players, and they started to prepare for it.
Q: Have you some exciting, talented young players we must watch out for in Japan?(photo)
Wing-spiker Natalia has shown up recently and is a very talented player.
Q: How do you think about other teams in your Pool B?
We will face tough rivals in the first round. When we advance to the second round, we will face other stronger teams. The world championship is a high level competition.
Q: Which team is the greatest competitor for you?
Several teams have chance of getting the title. Italy, Russia, China, Netherlands, Serbia and the United States are the strongest rivals.
Q: Is there any message for fans looking forward to the World Championship?(photo)
Everyone of our team knows the responsibility we will have in Japan. We will be followed by many Brazilian who will leave for Japan as well as the local fans, who always host us very well. We will do our best to reach the final match as we did in 2006.