Participating Teams

Croatia team interview


Q: What is your team’s strength?(photo)
Team spirit & individual quality of players
Q: How is the condition of your team?
Q: What aspects of the game do you need to improve in particular before the World Championship?(photo)
The relationship between attacking and receiving services.
Q: What is your team’s target in this year’s World Championship?
Going into the second round and playing at the highest possible level.
Q: Have you some exciting, talented young players we must watch out for in Japan?(photo)
Jelena Alajbeg
Q: How do you think about other teams in your Pool C?
All teams in group have world top level skills.
Q: Which team is the greatest competitor for you?
Thailand & Kazakhstan
Q: Is there any message for fans looking forward to the World Championship?(photo)
We hope you will enjoy watching the matches of Croatian National Team