Participating Teams

Germany team interview


Q: What is your team’s strength?(photo)
The team spirit, our organization, the quickness of our game and our service! But the most strength is that this team can really play as a team every time and never give up!
Q: How is the condition of your team?
Right now we are starting to build the team that will play the Grand Prix and the World Championship. We are in a good condition but very far from our best condition. I believe it will get better day by day.
Q: What aspects of the game do you need to improve in particular before the World Championship?(photo)
The side out system with more quickness and the ball control in easy situation. I think before the world championship we have a lot of work to do for improving many aspects of the game but I’m sure my team want improve everything to arrive in Japan with the best possible condition.
Q: What is your team’s target in this year’s World Championship?
Do better than the previous World Championship (we couldn’t go semi-final round by narrow margin, 0.004 point ratio) and try to stabilize our world ranking position in top ten where we are after a really long way of hard work!
Q: Have you some exciting, talented young players we must watch out for in Japan?
All my players are young, my team is very young and they always play excitedly. So, you had better watch carefully every player of my team.
Q: How do you think about other teams in your Pool C?
It is a very hard pool. I don’t know well Kazakhstan, but Kazakhstan is a very experienced team. Thailand is very complicated team, which play very, very quick with little mistakes. They won the last Asian games and that means that they can play really good volleyball. Croatia is another very interesting team with a lot of young talents, Poljak, Usic, Popovic… they are doing really good in the European professional Championship. Cuba is very, very strong this year, with some new amazing powerful players and new system of play. USA is the silver medal in the last Olympic, and there are not so many changes in the team. On the other hand there are really some new very good talents. It will be a very hard pool.
Q: Which team is the greatest competitor for you?(photo)
I think that Russia, Brazil, USA and Italy will be the favorites of this World Championship. I hope my team can follow those big teams … or maybe make a great surprise… Anything can happen, who knows!
Q: Is there any message for fans looking forward to the World Championship?
Come to watch the best volleyball players of the world. It will be a great competition and a great volleyball show under perfect managing by Japanese.