Participating Teams

Japan team interview


Q: What is your team’s strength?(photo)
Our team’s strength is defense. We can build our quick combination attacks when defense such as systematic blocking and accurate receiving works. We think that our attacks are built based on the defense.
Q: How is the condition of your team?
We are now holding a training camp for the FIVB World Grand Prix 2010, which starts on August 6th. The team condition is good, and we are practicing hard as a team to aim for the same goal.
Q: What aspects of the game do you need to improve in particular before the World Championships?
We are trying to improve the systematic blocking and defense even more in order to play well against strong teams in the world who boast height and power.
Q: What is your team’s target in this year’s World Championships?
We will get together as a team and aim for a higher rank.
Q: Have you some exciting, talented young players we must watch out for in Japan?(photo)
Our team does not rely on one key player, but all the players get involved in order to receive the ball and play with complicated and quick combination attacks. We therefore think all the players are whom you should watch out for.
Q: How do you think about other teams in your Pool ?
Serbia, Poland, Algeria, Peru, Costa Rica; we think all the teams are tough competitors. We must play with our full strength against any team in order to win. Serbia and Poland boast not only height and power, but they are also good at defense. We played against Costa Rica last time in the 2006 World Championship, so it’s been a while. Peru is a growing team so we have to be careful. We haven’t played against Algeria for a while, but we have an impression that they are tricky competitors if they build on the momentum.
Q: Which team is the greatest competitor for you?(photo)
We would say all the teams. We never know what will happen in a match. We should not change our playing style according to the opponent, but we should always play with our full strength and snatch victory.
Q: Is there any message for fans looking forward to the world championship?(photo)
We appreciate that the Women’s World Championship will be held in Japan again this year, and many fans are waiting eagerly for it. Our team will get together and do our best in each match, so please come to the venue and kindly cheer for our team.